DESTRUCTOR Giving One Lucky Fan Opportunity to Play Entire Set of Their Show in Cleveland, OH

DESTRUCTOR and Auburn Records are offering a fan a once in a life time experience.

That winning fan will be playing bass, live on stage, with Destructor for a whole set at Peabody’s Concert Club on May 6 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Warbeast and Destruction Heathen are also on the bill.

The winner will be replacing bass player Jamie Boulder due to him having a previous out-of-town commitment with his band MIDNIGHT on the same night and will not be able to perform.

To enter, send a video or YouTube link of yourself playing bass to Include your name, address, phone number and reason why you want to play bass with DESTRUCTOR. All entries must be received no later than April 15, 2011.

“This band and my label have always been about the fans first and foremost,” says Auburn Records president and band manager Bill Peters. “We’ve taken a negative situation and made it into a positive. We did not want to cancel this show due to the scheduling conflict so we thought we’d take a chance and try something a little out of the ordinary. Rather than simply find a fill-in bassist, we decided to make this a very special and memorable night for one of our fans.

“Some bands have offered fans the opportunity to play one song live on stage with them. We’ve taken it to a whole new level by giving someone the chance to play an actual entire set with the band!

“We’re not looking for the most technical or experienced bass player necessarily. More importantly, we want to give this opportunity to someone who has a love and passion for DESTRUCTOR and is a genuine fan. The chance to perform live with DESTRUCTOR in front of a packed Cleveland crowd, plus share the stage with one of the best European thrash metal bands of all time, is a dream come true for any true underground metal fan and musician.”

Oddly enough, Destruction Heathen and Destructor have never shared the same stage together even though their sound and stage attire are almost the same.

“I remember when I first saw DESTRUCTION’s ‘Sentence Of Death’ EP back in 1984,” says DESTRUCTOR vocalist/guitarist Dave Overkill. “I looked at the picture and name and thought, ‘Holy shit, these guys have almost the same name and look as us!’

“It seems kind of strange that after 27 years of being DESTRUCTOR that we have never had the opportunity to play with the band that many have compared us to or thought the names were all too similar. Finally DESTRUCTOR meets DESTRUCTION.

“Honestly both bands started around the same time, in the early 1980s, and had the same denim, chains, leather, and bullet belt image and we most likely had the same influences. Not really uncommon if you think about it. Much like all polka music looks and sounds the same if you’re not into the scene but in hindsight we really are very different bands in the thrash metal world. This show, for us, will be a great thrill to be playing with our brothers from around the world. Like looking into the mirror? Not really!”

“It’s cool that we have similar names,” adds DESTRUCTOR drummer Matt Flammable.”Must be great minds think alike right?”

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