COVERDALE of Whitesnake: “I Have No F—ing Regrets” About Glam Look in the 80’s

Ash Newell

Noisecreep recently hooked up with David Coverdale at the Sunset Marquis hotel West Hollywood.  They talked about the 80’s hair metal years with Coverdale laughing and saying “It was a joke.  It was like the Rolling Stones‘ ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ period. We were like, ‘How far can we push this?'”  Coverdale is in town to promote Whitesnake’s upcoming album (their 11th) “Forevermore”.  During their discussion, David starts thinking back about the 80’s time period.  Here’s some of what he had to say.

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“You see, a lot of the bands that came up during that period – the glam hair bands – couldn’t play for s—! What they could do was make great videos. So there were no kinds of chops behind it. You could give one of the bands a box of Ritz crackers and they could do an amusing, entertaining, and informative video. You give me a box of crackers and I would be like, ‘Would you like a cracker, sir?'”

“I do agree that the way we looked in the late ’80s was over-flamboyant for the identity that I had created for Whitesnake,” says Coverdale, sipping on a latte. “We were like, ‘How many people tonight — 25,000? Make our hair bigger!’ It was mindless stuff, it was a giggle. The pictures, I don’t really care for, but at least it amuses my child [laughs]. But I have no f—ing regrets about that period, it was great.”

“Sure, our look took the attention away from the music,” says the singer. “One of the reasons Whitesnake is still popular is the strength and power of the songs. I’m talking about things I did 30 years ago — ‘Fool For Your Loving’ and ‘Here I Go Again — all of those songs still have legs. But the songs were more disguised or cosmeticized during that time.”

‘Forevermore’ hits stores on March 29.

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