Drummer David Kinkade Offering Drum Lessons

Drummer David Kinkade (Borknagar, Arsis [live drummer], Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Council of the Fallen) is offering drum lessons in Chicago. The man states:

“I just returned home from Europe yesterday. Played Metaldayz open air, Legacy Fest open air and Summer Nights open air with Arsis. Gigs went great and I’m sure the Arsis fans will LOVE the new material that James and Nick have written for the new record, since we played 3 new songs over there.

“Now that I have sometime before Wacken with Borknagar, I want to focus on teaching, designing and overall creating. I am teaming up with Trick drums to help design some new gear and also start teaching drum lessons again. I am scheduling drum clinics for Early October in Chicago & Philadelphia in hopes to bring the real meaning of a drum clinic to drummers. Its not about showing off for 2 hours like all the clinicians I see these days. Its about promoting the techniques, practice patterns and gear that allows you to play to your best advantage.

“Drummers in and around the Chicago area (semi-beginner / advanced looking to add to their technique) can contact me at Anti_cosmic_drummer@yahoo.com

“I’m not looking at charging any extreme amounts of money just so people can learn nothing, un-like some drum teachers I know. I just want to see drummers who are looking to improve and need some guidance doing so.”

Kinkade is offering teachings on blast beat variations, double bass speed, technique, stamina, accent variations, double ride technique, fill composition and variations…the works.

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