ARRAYAN PATH: No, It’s Not a Typo – They’ve Changed Their Name

ARRAYAN PATH (formerly ARRYAN PATH) announce not one but two new albums.  And,  just so that you don’t think that there’s some sort of a typo with their band name they’ve come up with a new one.

The band has made the move towards changing its name of over ten years. This was done for obvious reasons and the fact that it became extremely annoying for all band members trying to convince others on the meaning of their band’s name. It was decided to simply add an extra ‘A’ in the word ‘arryan’, thus changing the pronunciation and of course obliterating even the tiniest concern that ARRAYAN PATH is in any way related to Nazism or any kind of racism or other extreme political views.

Commenting on this, Nicholas Leptos says that “this was always evident through our lyrics and live shows but despite our best efforts to try to convince people otherwise some still chose to look at it differently. What does the new name mean…? Absolutely nothing! The decision to change our name wasn’t easy but we felt it was needed so there you have it. ARRAYAN PATH’s music will remain in the same style and “Road to Macedonia” and “Terra Incognita” will still be played live and will still be mentioned in our discography”.

ARRAYAN PATH’s upcoming (third) album, “Ira Imperium”,  will be released in September. The album will also feature a very special guest vocalist whose name will be revealed in April.

“This guest appearance is quite special and we feel it deserves an announcement of its own so we’ll leave it for a little bit later…” as Nicholas Leptos, vocalist and main songwriter comments. So fans will have to be just a little bit patient!

Following the release of “Ira Imperium” a new album will come out in early 2012 entitled “Stigmata”.   Both albums will be released by Pitch Black Records and there’ll be special limited editions for both albums.

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