Municipal Waste Post Cover Art For ‘Massive Aggressive’

MUNICIPAL WASTE have a new album coming out on August 25th. Entitled Massive Aggressive, this album brings the promise of the band’s most ferocious and most focused album of their career. With such ferocity flowing through the whole of the album, the band knew they needed the right visuals to compliment the vibe of the music. According to MW vocalist, Tony Foresta, the only man who could get that imagery just right was Andrei Bouzikov, the artist responsible for the cover to 2007’s The Art of Partying.

“We wanted to work with Andrei Bouzikov again because he is like a brother to us;” says the MW vocalist. “He is one of the few people that can tolerate me and Ryan’s insane pickiness and attention to detail. Not only that but he is multi talented and can do many different styles of art and understands exactly where we are coming from.”


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