Braingell’s DJ CrazyIvan’s Interview with Randy From Texas Hippie Coalition’s DJ CrazyIvan conducted an interview with Randy from Texas Hippie Coalition. You can hear the whole interview here:

CrazyIvan: How did you come up with the band name?

Randy: We never had to cut our hair, so me and the guys in my hometown never cut our hair, we were the hippies in that town. And Coalition is from recruiting all the fans and all the people jumping on board and following us around. He, Daddy Rich, was fronting a band called Texas Hardcore in our hometown. Then when we merged, he had that, we started talking about it being from Texas and being the last guys not to get our hair cut. It kinda just fell into place.

CI: With the intials THC, is there an implied statement?

R: Oh yeah, it’s a household name and hopefully it will be legalized over the whole country. It’s great to branch out like up in Seatle and over to California where all the good is.

CI: When are you going to start recording a follow-up to Rollin’?

R: We’ve already been tracking some stuff. Got some materical in the bag. Just waiting to let it out, we got the strongest material yet.


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