My Very Metal Interview: With HAXAN’s Patrick Walsh

Gypsy Rose here.  I’d like to invite you to my first ever exclusive  metal interview with HAXAN’S frontman Patrick Walsh from Geelong, Australia.

I mentioned the band before in my last article, A Metal Lesson  Vol 2. Not only are they my favorite up and coming metal band  but I predict these guys are going to go far. Here is frontman Patrick Walsh of HAXAN in a one-on-one with me via Yahoo Messenger… How old were you when you first decided that music was your calling?
PW: Pretty much from birth, when I knew music was my calling. After I was involved in a serious car accident, I knew music was going to be my life. As I was given a second chance and music was the one that brought be back.

GR: What would you have done, had you not gotten into music?
PW: I am very artistic and creative person, either way. I guess if I weren’t doing music, I would be doing something like writing.

GR: How did you get started in the music, in the first place?
PW: I started playing bass guitar, as I went in and out of bands, at a young age. Then I decided to put all my focus in vocals as that became my main passion. In regards to my vocals, I felt like I could get my creative release from singing and writing lyrics.

GR: What other musical influences did you have, when you knew you wanted to be involved with music?
PW: Musicians like Dani Filth, Danzig, and Whipsplasher. My other influences range from authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker.

GR: What are your current influences?
PW: Our current influences range from Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, and Devil Driver; some 80’s cock rock as well.
GR: How many bands have you been with?
PW: My first real band I was in, I started with a few friends in high school. We were  known as Scarlet Whore and we did a few gigs at parties mostly. The second band was known as Nexion which didn’t go that far due to non-commitment . Then I was in Carnel House which became a real driving force in my area. We did a number of shows in my home town and in surrounding cities. Of course, due to line up change and musical direction, Carnel House became Haxan.

GR: Who is the head founder of the band?
PW: Haxan was formed originally by myself and with Andrew Reid as we established our name thru Carnel House.

GR: Name the members of your band.
PW: The members of Haxan is myself, Patrick Walsh-vocals, Andrew Reid-lead guitars, Tristain-guitars, Dino-bass, and Kieran-drums.

GR: Who writes the lyrics for the songs?
PW: I write the lyrics for Haxan.

GR: Where does the inspiration for the songs come from?
PW: Basically horror as I am a huge fan of the 80’s classic horror films such as Hammer Horror and Amicus. Some authors also inspire me such as Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft.

GR: What do you cat your music to be in? What genre?
PW: Haxan’s style of music ranges from melodic death metal to melodic black metal. That would be the best explanation for Haxan’s genre.

GR: Do you presently have your band signed with any label?
PW: At this stage Haxan is currently unsigned but we do hope we will be soon in the near future. We have had a lot of interest from local labels and booking agents.

GR: Do you have an album out yet?
PW: No, not at the present time.

GR: Do you plan to have an album out soon?
PW: We are in the midst of recording, “a full album is in the future”.

GR: Do you have any demos or videos of your music; of your band playing live? Where can they be seen?
PW: Yes we have some footage of ourselves and we have a video clip of our song “Into the Carnel House” which you can find up on our Myspace soon. You can find us at:

GR: Is the band currently on tour, and if so where?
PW: No tours at the moment but will soon in the next few months.

GR: When not on the road where does the band usually play gigs at?
PW: Mostly gigs anywhere we can get a good turn out, but most shows have been played at The Barwon Club Hotel which is a local venue here in our home town where a lot of bands and local acts have played.

GR: Have you had the opportunity to open for any bands already established in the music industry?
PW: No, not yet, but would love to open for Cradle of Filth.
GR: Who would be your dream band to open for?
PW: It would be amazing to open for Iron Maiden.

GR: Who would you like to see open for your band in the future?
PW: I would be happy for any band to but it would be awesome for Cradle of Filth to be an opening act for us.

GR: Where do you see the band heading, say in the next couple of years?
PW: Of course what every band dreams of is a label picking us up and taking over the world.

GR: How soon do you see the band touring in the USA?
PW: For starters, if we play out of our country, I see us playing across through Europe where most our style of music is more well known.

GR: Thanks Patrick…

So now that I’ve introduced you to Haxan, I’ll keep you updated on where the band is heading next and all the latest news. I myself am excited to have gotten to know them.

Thanks for sharing. And, until next time, we’ll see who my next interview will be with on Braingell Radio…


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