Goes Cube – Another Day Has Passed

GOES CUBE is a band that the world needs more of.  What I really love about GOES CUBE is how they masterfully combine rock, punk, and metal, and can still stamp it as original.  With music these days, it’s great to put in a CD like GOES CUBE’s latest and first full length, Another Day Has Passed, and just enjoy something fresh.  It’s both punishing and a work of art.  You’ll be surprised how much power these guys unleash with a ton of massive distortion, commanding chants, brilliant melody, and diverse drumming that is set to stun with whatever attack GOES CUBE decides to approach.  And man alive do they have some monstrous riffs. 

Another Day Has Passed opens up massively with “Bluest Sky”.  GOES CUBE gets straight to business with the aggressive and fast tempo.  Marching ahead, GOES CUBE gives plenty of twists and unique ways to rock out.  You’ll also be very impressed how smoothly and suddenly the band can switch the tempo.   

Blasting further into Another Day Has Passed, GOES CUBE’s newest single, “Song 30” starts off just straight rockin!  Again, keep in mind their originality, for even how catchy they make things is original.  As the verses move on, you’ll find that their structures set up great for striking the listener.  The chord progressions are different, and that is something I really appreciate.

Another Day Has Passed closes with the title track, “Another Day Has Passed”, and GOES CUBE shows that they can pull off the epic side of business.  The intro gives beautiful ambient passages with a vocal mood that matches the sound.  Building up slowly but surely, shimmering melody comes into play to keep the listener in tact.  But soon, that mega distortion comes back to brilliantly switch the mood, and GOES CUBE continues to stomp along.  Then, out of the blue, GOES CUBE picks up the pace with some monster riffs, razor sharp melodies, and a message to be heard.  The structure is great, and GOES CUBE ends the song on some strong memorable melody.

These guys are making music to the realest, and they are deciding to make it exactly the way they want to.  Not just showing promise of bringing back the NYC rock scene, but also promise in aiding the underground scene in general.  Don’t let another day pass without checking out GOES CUBE.


Rating: 8.5/10
Label: The End Records
Website: http://www.myspace.com/goescube

By Alex Gilbert

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