THE BLOOD VOMITS at Halfway Mark in Fund Drive

The Blood Vomits, an animated comedy series by Slave Pit, have reached their halfway mark with their Kickstarter drive to raise funds which is set at $5000.00. As of now there’s been $2730.00 pledged from 78 different backers and with 16 days still to go it would seem the production company responsible for GWAR was on pace to secure the funding needed to finance their latest sick idea.

“The Blood Vomits” tells the story of Mad Dog, Nails, and their stalwart companion, The Vicar, as they journey through a medieval world ravaged by plague and war.

“It’s hilarious,” said Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus of GWAR, who supplies the voice of Mad Dog. “My guy is like a Skeletor- Samurai kind of guy. He thinks’ he’s the boss, but he’s really just a complete ass. Kinda like Oderus…but with a British accent!”

Randy Blythe, (Lamb of God), will be featured as Nails, a fiercely-bumbling barbarian type, and Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), will complete the trio as The Vicar, a well-meaning man of the cloth who explicably accompanies the murderous duo on their foul deeds, and usually pays for it.

Foresta had this to say about working with the way-older other dudes:

“I’m really excited to be working with these guys. Not only is everyone involved very smart and funny but they are also a lot taller than me in real life.”

Check out the first episode of “The Blood Vomits”, on! Please support this and make a  pledge.  Who knows, you might even get your name in the credits or even a personal phone call from Oderus himself! Simply go to and check out the trailer blurb for the Blood Vomits Kickstarter drive.



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