IN LEGEND Creates PIANO METAL with “Pandemonium”

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Here’s another first for me.  The world’s first “Piano Metal”, In Legend, is preparing to release their new album “Ballads ‘N’ Bullets” June 14th on SPV/Steamhammer.  With most rock bands the dominating instrument is guitars but now with this band.  Piano is the key component with these guys. I gave ’em a listen and I’ll be interested in hearing more from this band.  Color me weird but when the metal genre throws something a little different into the mix I’m right there wanting to hear it.

NOISECREEP is giving people a chance to check out their first single “Pandemonium”.  It can be heard at:


Bastian Emig – piano, vocals

Daniel Wicke – bass

Dennis Otto – drums

For More Info Visit:

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