GRAVEHILL To Release When All Roads Lead To Hell; Artwork & Tracklist Revealed

Gravehill has issued the following in regards to their upcoming album, When All Roads Lead To Hell, and the band’s new label situation.

Gravehill has spent the past several months in seclusion finishing our new album

When all Roads Lead to Hell. We had several songs already written before we undertook the “Campaign  Tour” last summer. When we invited Hellfiend (aka Matt Harvey of Exhumed) to join the band full time, we spent the time necessary to either “re-evaluate” or completely ditch what we had. Thankfully most of the music was used and with Hellfiend’s input we felt we had eight songs worthy of recording.

We entered Trench Studios in March 2011 with John Haddad and laid down all drums, guitars, bass and vocals… most of the tracking was pretty effortless and relaxed, we either had an idea of what we wanted or we’re just really good at convincing each other we knew what we were doing? The most common question asked regarding this record is “How does it compare to Rites of the Pentagram?” All bands always respond with “This is the best record we’ve ever done, the last album pales in comparison and blah blah blah…” The best way to respond to that is simply “Ryan Butler!” When we left Trench Studios making the RotP record we were happy with the result, obviously some things could have been better or even worse if you think about it? But the song writing and over all rawness of the band did shine through! However by 86’ing Zyklon-A out of the band last summer and bringing in Hellfiend just offered a wealth of alternatives, one of them being the new Exhumed record All Guts, No Glory! Ryan Butler of Arcane Digital did all the guitar, bass and vocal tracking for that record. Hearing the wall of guitars really made an easy decision to provide the WARLTH record to Ryan to mix and master. We also laid down four guitar rhythm tracks unlike the two we used on RotP! The end result is this heavy as fuck, pissed off, intense, faster and dare I say “mature” record? Considering all the trials and tribulations we had with RotP as well as a less than stellar line-up; up to this point anyway, When All Roads Lead to Hell might as well be our first record! We are that proud of this record, love it or hate it, we have made the best fucking Death Metal record we ever wanted to hear!

When it came to deciding on who would be releasing this album we had an easy decision with DARK DESCENT RECORDS. Matt Calvert came highly recommended and after a few short discussions we made accordance for a May 20th CD release; right in time for our appearance at The Maryland Death Fest!

Drummer Thorgrimm had this to say about DARK DESCENT RECORDS:

“We are very lucky to find one of the hardest working labels out there right now! They may be a small upstart label but Matt’s work ethic and care in his bands and his label is impeccable! We are very confident that this release will reach far beyond our previous work and are very glad that Dark Descent is leading the way! HAIL HELL!”

“I was extremely intrigued to hear the new songs the band had come up with when I was approached by them to release the new album.  What I heard was dedication to not only produce great songs but the ability to capture the true spirit of metal.  Dark Descent Records is very excited to be a part of “When All Roads Lead to Hell. – Matt Calvert of Dark Descent Records

Gravehill are also very happy to announce that When All Roads Lead to Hell will also see a 12″ vinyl release with Chaos Records! Our friend Victor Hernandez Gil made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, and seeing this release on Vinyl is very important to GRAVEHILL! Look for its release in early July 2011!

Vocalist Mike Abominator made the following comments about Chaos Records:

“We needed a connection that could help us outside the U.S. So the plan was to build a strong team of death that could help us spread our plague worldwide. Victor and Chaos Records were our first choice to attack down in Mexico. We have the utmost respect for the Mexican metal fans and look forward to infecting even more down there! It was a great surprise that Victor also had connections set up in Europe as well, so we killed 2 posers with one stone so to speak! Europa will also be infected now! Hail Victor and Chaos Records for being a part of our Horde of Death!”

Victor Hernandez Gil of Chaos Records states:

“It’s great to welcome GRAVEHILL to the Chaos Records Familia, we cannot wait to release the vinyl version of “When All Roads Lead to Hell.” GRAVEHILL have developed themselves over the past few years as one of the most exciting live acts in the American Metal scene. Many thanks to Gravehill for their trust in Chaos Records! Horns up!!” .

When All Roads Lead To Hell will be out on May 20th with the vinyl treatment coming in July.

When All Roads Lead To Hell


1. Intro

2. Unholy Executioner

3. Devil Worshiper

4. Extinction

5. When All Roads Lead to Hell

6. Suffer No Man to Live

7. Pray For War

8. Consvmed By Rats

9. 7:06

Gravehill Live Assaults:

April 23, 2011′ – The San Diego Metal Swap Meet After Party @ The Ruby Room w./ HIRAX, WITCHAVEN, and RITUAL TORTURE.

May 20, 2011′ – The Galaxy Theater – Santa Ana, CA. w./ DESTRUCTION, HEATHEN, and WARBEAST

May 29, 2011′ – The Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore MD w./ CORONER and many others!!!

June 12, 2011′ – Bruce & Kari of WARLORD CLOTHING Invite Only Wedding Party – Hollywood, CA

July 16, 2011′ – TBA

July 23, 2011′ – CIM – Central Illinois Metal Fest – Urbana, IL w./ EXHUMED and many others!!!

Aug 20, 2011′ – Wolves of the Apokalypse Fest – Cheyenne, WY

Oct 23, 2011′ – TBA

Nov 19, 2011′ – The Goregrowler’s Ball – San Antonio, TX w./ DECEASED, EXHUMED and many others!!!

You can get Gravehill’s previous release, Rites Of The Pentagram, through Ibex Moon Records via the label’s webstore.

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