NEIL PEART of RUSH Interviewed on Radio Show The Legends of Classic Rock
I’ve  just come across some news that you Rush die-hard fans, including myself, will dig.  It’s been posted on Rush’s website, that Jeff Woods of the syndicated radio show The Legends of Classic Rock interviewed Neil Peart prior to Tuesday night’s Rush show in Hamilton, Ontario to discuss his book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time (of which I knew nothing about, damnit!).

For a list of stations and air times, check out this link. Neil discusses Far and Away: A Prize Every Time at length in the most recent update at and you can purchase your copy at this link.

“Far And Away: A Prize Every Time” is scheduled for release on May 1 via ECW Press.

“When I write about history or nature or geology, it’s from a first-person point of view,” Peart tells the National Post. “It’s me riding past a town [by motorcycle] and figuring out why something is the way it is.”

“I got terribly lost between Brazil and Argentina, but it caused a beautiful experience. … I found myself lost in this little town in the corner of Brazil and basically ended up finding a place to stay just before the sun came down,” Peart says. “There was this combination of West African music and Brazilian music, and I had never heard that combination before. It was a transcendent moment for me. … I had been lost, and now I was found.”

The publisher’s official description of the “Far And Away: A Prize Every Time” book reads as follows:

“Following in the tradition of ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Traveling Music’, RUSH drummer Neil Peart relates nearly four years of band tours, road trips, and personal discoveries in this introspective travelogue. From the ups and downs of a professional artist to the birth of a child, this revealing narrative recounts 22 adventures from rock’s foremost drummer, biker enthusiast, husband and father. Both playful and insightful, Peart’s love of drumming and the open road weaves throughout the stories as Neil explores horizons that are both physical and spiritual, sharing his observations about nature, society, and the self. Full-color photos round-out this tour of the open road that will resonate with RUSH fans and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.”

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