Iron Maiden 4/16/11

The buildup, the legend, the exclusivity of just two US dates both in Florida.  Iron Maiden had quite the hype to live up to on Saturday night at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.  So the question is simple: were they all that I expected?  Yes and no.  Musically they are amongst the tightest bands in the game even to this day.  When it comes to a stage show, they left me with a little bit of an empty feeling.  Iron Maiden is legendary much in the way that Black Sabbath, Metallica and Aerosmith are.  They have legions of fans who wouldn’t give a damn if they played acoustic renditions of Jewel, because some people will still hail it as pure genius.  The reason that seeing Iron Maiden is an unforgettable experience is exactly because of that.  97 out of 100 people are wearing their Iron Maiden shirts and they eat, shit and breathe Maiden.  It’s like a cult traveling from all over the world consisting of more than the population of my entire dump of a city I call home each and every night.

The intro had me stoked with the lighting and video screens overhead teasing me with my first taste of Maiden, however that was the best ‘light show’ the entire night.  The set opened with ‘Final Frontier’ and ‘Eldorado’ before the casual fans came to light for ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’.  Bruce Dickinson commanded the stage like any seasoned vet would by running from side to side on the risers, and the man can still sing like hell.  Seeing Adrian, Janick and Steve dueling on the guitars is also a nice treat that also must be witnessed once in a lifetime.  My problem was that aside Maidenfrom the fancy backdrops, and the occasional lighting rigs lowering, that was pretty much the extent of a stage show.  Bruce came out with his uniform and British flag for one song and Eddie made a cameo at the end of the night but I still wanted more.  The set lasted about two hours with hits such as ‘The Trooper’, ‘The Wickerman’, ‘Evil That Men Do’, ‘Number Of The Beast’ and ‘Running Free’ mixed in with some more of the new album and other tracks spanning throughout their career.  The set was solid, and I can’t bash the quality of the band and the superb sound by any means.  I can actually safely say that even standing in front of the left side speakers, it was still one of the clearest shows I’ve probably ever witnessed.

I was left wondering what the hell they were thinking getting Black Tide to open for them however.  Put bluntly, they sucked.  They opened the set with a cover of Metallica’s ‘Hit the Lights’ and NOBODY gave a shit.  They trudged through thirty painful minutes before finally getting off stage and giving us our peace and quiet and anticipation.  The highlight of their set was seeing the crowd refusing to participate in a wall of death for them.  I’d also like to mention that the people who got their panties in a bunch over this week’s decision of Rammstein beating Maiden as the best live show at the atrocity known as the Revolver Golden Gods awards need to witness them first.  When I spend 90 dollars on a concert ticket to see one band, I expect a full on pyro assault like Rammstein, an epic lightshow from Nine Inch Nails, Tool or Aerosmith or a mix of the two from Metallica.  Even being the pure white trash wannabe redneck that he is, Kid Rock is a performer and you leave feeling like you got your money’s worth and possibly two STD’s.  Iron Maiden is an undeniable legacy and a way of life.  You’re paying for the namesake and the honor of being one of 15,000 people to see them for $88 a piece instead of being one of the 100,000 that would have paid to see them for $40.  With that said, I fully expect the death threats to start rolling in from the masses here for not pledging my undying allegiance to still arguably one of the greatest metal bands in the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show immensely and have no regrets about seeing them, I guess I’m just not as easily moved as most people are.  Also, apparently posting their setlist from the show is in direct violation of Photobucket’s terms of use so I’ll at least type it up word for word on here:



Final Frontier


2 Minutes


Coming Home

Dance of Death



Blood Brothers

Wild Wind Blows

Evil That Men Do

Fear of the Dark

Iron Maiden

Number of Beast


Running Free

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