Ed Gein Bassist Suffering from Bangover

Aaron Jenkins, bassist/vocalist for ED GEIN nearly recovered from his metal induced stupor, took a moment to recap the band’s show in a long time at last weekend’s Shaun Luu Horror Fest and ED GEIN’s plans for the immediate future:

“I have the worst bangover ever. This weekend was amazing from start to finish. I think I speak for all of us in Ed Gein when I say its good to be back! I had an absolute blast despite having a wicked sore throat for a few days and having my voice pretty much go to hell in the first song. Thank you all for the warm welcome back. It was like playing our first show… We were all nervous as hell. But it was also like riding a bike. We’re planning to record an EP of songs we wrote two years ago before we decided to take some time off.  I’m not exactly sure when we’ll be getting in the studio. Jocko at More Sound is always booked way ahead so it’ll probably be sometime this fall or early winter. After that we plan to write some more new songs and maybe play a few shows around our area. We have no plans to tour for quite some time, if at all… We don’t even have a van at this point. I’ll keep everyone updated on things as they come along. Thanks to anyone who still cares what we’re up to!”

Read Aaron’s thoughts and experiences with Shaun Luu and the importance of raising money for a cause only on the BMA Blog.

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