HYPERBOREAN To Release “The Spirit of Warfare” + Streaming 3 Songs

Hyperborean was formed in August of 2000 with the intention of playing melodic extreme metal. The band recorded two demos Of Malice and Thorns Scar Her Soul with basically the same line-up and they were well received by the underground media.

After the early demos Hyperborean’s line-up changed, and with that so did the band’s sound when Andreas came into the picture. The soon music took a darker and more aggressive path. A third demo, Prey, was made in 2005 and after that the band was put on hold for a few years. Although on hiatus, the members of Hyperborean were still writing material and those songs eventually became the foundation for The Spirit of Warfare, which was recorded in August of 2009. And now, with the help of Abyss records Hyperborean are ready to release their fury upon the world on April 26, 2011 through Abyss Records.

Channelling the Spirit of Warfare

Weapon Mankind


The Last Stand of Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae

A New Sun Rises

Killing Grounds

The Sick Man of Europe

The Spirit of Warfare is an album that is driven by the theme of warfare. The main focus lies on World War I, with Weapon Mankind being written about the mentality that dominated Western European Civilization at this time.  Occurring, as it did, at the twilight of the Post-Westfaldic period that saw a Europe divided between various rivaling empires. Europe was a powder keg ready to explode and  her nations and peoples were eagerly awaiting and welcoming the explosion.

Head over to http://www.apochs.net/Exclusive/Hyperborean.html to check out 3 of their new tunes.



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