ABOVE SYMMETRY’s “Ripple” on AOL Listening Party

Tomorrow sees the release of “Ripples” the debut album from Norwegian prog rockers ABOVE SYMMETRY on InsideOut Music.  Starting today AOL Music is hosting a full album listening party of “Ripples”.  Get a first listen to the entire album at


ABOVE SYMMETRY’s debut full-length album “Ripples” was recorded in their home-studio in Skien, Norway, and later on mixed and mastered to sonic perfection at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden by Jens Bogren, who has previously produced bands such as Opeth, Paradise Lost, Hammerfall or Symphony X. Bogren was obviously impressed by the potential of the young musicians and comments on “Ripples” as follows: “The debut album from these guys is one of the best progressive metal albums I’ve heard in a looong time! Since 1992, to be exact! It was an honor helping the band getting the album the way they deserve.”

Furthermore, the album features Nils K. Rue (Pagan’s Mind) on background vocals and comes with now slightly upgraded artwork created by Gustavo Sazes (Firewind, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil, etc.), visually enhancing the basic concept that ‘every single action has a consequence, either on a personal or global level”, which is what connects all lyrics and the album’s title.

The re-release version of the “Ripples” album is out April 25th, 2011 on InsideOutMusic and on sale in North America digitally and via CM Distro.

ABOVE SYMMETRY Line-Up (Left to Right):
Robin Ognedal – Guitars
Nickolas Main Henriksen – Keyboards
Atle Pettersen – Vocals
Joachim Strøm Ekelund – Drums
Rein T. Blomquist – Bass

ABOVE SYMMETRY – “Ripples” CD (69:24)
1. Intro (1:30)
2. Ripples (6:33)
3. Do I Dare? (5:31)
4. Remorse (6:21)
5. Between Black & White (8:12)
6. Catatonic Coma (5:44)
7. Torn Apart (4:58)
8. Traces Inside (7:51)
9. Reflections (2:03)
10. The Purpose (5:58)
11. Trails Of Clarity (5:42) *
12. Traces Inside [Edit] (4:13) *
13. Ripples [Edit] (4:48) *
+ Traces Inside [Video-Clip Enhancement] (4:20) *
* Bonus Tracks

Further information can be found on:



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