Abyss Records Unleashes Unholy Trinity

Death metal vets DIABOLICAL follow up their 2008 release The Gallery Of Bleeding with Ars Vitae, an album that covers the spectrum of their blood-soaked career. Featuring 17 tracks of new, remastered and previously unreleased live material, Ars Vitae is a must have from “one of the most intense bands you’ve never heard.” [Metal Army America]



After a series of well-received demos, Sweden’s HYPERBOREAN have produced a 47-minute masterpiece of symphonic/melodic blacked majesty with The Spirit Of Warfare. Inspired by the heroic battles fought during World War I and Leonidas’ legendary stance at Thermopylae, HYPERBOREAN’s debut is an epic and welcome contribution to the genre. Apochs.net is currently streaming two selections from the album at this location, but this is one release that needs to be experienced as a whole.


Making their hammer-fisted introduction to the metal community, Netherlands-based warmongers BODYFARM lay waste to everything in sight with their brutally violent, self-titled EP. Capturing the essence of BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX and PESTILENCE, these young lions roar just as loudly as the old-schoolers that influenced them. Visit Apochs.net for a couple of skull-cracking tunes from the EP.


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