MONSTERWORKS Looking for Label Plus Releases Video “God”

MONSTERWORKS has a new album recorded, mixed, mastered and ready to go to a good home.  Entitled Album of Man, it is the natural musical and thematic progression from The God Album, with the best production yet and a few new twists.  The band is looking for a distribution partner/record label to unleash this next chapter upon an unsuspecting world.

Please contact with all inquiries.



Earlier this month the band spent five days at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK to lay down tracks for an album down the road. Vocalist/Guitarist Jon had this to say:

“We went really old school with this one, recording most of the instrumentation live to 24 track tape to get a much more organic result than you usually find with most metal bands these days.  Modern production techniques tend to be clinical as fuck and can lose some of the heart and soul of the music.  This album sounds like it comes straight out of the 70s (before they ruined snare sounds in the 80s) with song-writing that, while having retro elements, is a clear step into the future.  It will be amazing when it is all put together over the next month or two.”

Everything You Believe is a Lie



The Enemy of My Enemy


False Miracle


Let It Go

(Hymn of) Fire

Exclusive streams of “Everything you Believe is a Lie” and “God” available from



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