The Blood Vomits Reaches Financial Goal but Needs More

You’ve read my posts on here as of late regarding the new animated cartoon “The Bood Vomits” that’s in production and raising money to get started.  Well, they’ve reached there goal!  They’ve got a few more days left and could still use your chuh-ching.  So, hook the company up and shoot some cash their way.  After all, GWAR is a part of all this and you certainly don’t want to miss an opportunity for getting a t-shirt saying “I’m a Producer of Filth” Blood Vomits T-shirt.

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Said Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, “I heartily approve of our slaves desperate and pathetic attempts to delude themselves into thinking they can do anything other than scrape dried fecal matter off my armored war-suit. But I can’t help but notice there still is some time to pledge more money…so empty those wallets, steal those credit cards, beat the homeless. Any extra money raised is ear-marked to provide “shards” for the production crew, so you can be sure it is going to a good cause! And giving your money to GWAR is the only way you can get an “I’m a Producer of Filth” Blood Vomits t-shirt.”

The Blood Vomits producer, Mike Derks, had this to say-“We are pleased and delighted and very grateful to our amazing fans and the people at Slave Pit has always loved producing side projects, like the X-Cops and DBX, and this is every bit as exciting. The concept of artists getting non-recoupable advances directly from the fans who support them should make a lot of people nervous. This kind of thing, when combined with the limitless and free access that the internet provides, ushers in a new level of empowerment to artists everywhere, and I am sure this is just the beginning.”



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