DREAM THEATER Drummer Search Video Documentary

Just this past Friday (April 29th) Mike Mangini was named the official new drummer for Dream Theater through the final video in a documentary search put together to detail the progress of the audition process for the bands new fifth member.  You can watch the video on Roadrunner Records YouTube Channel here.

Founding guitarist and songwriter, John Petrucci, has taken his thoughts over to his personal web forum and posted some words on the selection of Mike Mangini.   He calls Mangini “…not only a beast of a player but an incredible person as well who truly and fully understands and values everything that we strive to be as a band.” He also wanted to thank fans for their patience in the audition process and overall dedication to the band.  To read John’s full comments you can skip over to his forum here.

The new lineup of Dream Theater. Mike Mangini on the left.

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