POLKADOT CADAVER to Release “Sex Offender” May 10, 2011

Adhering to the “All Killer, No Filler” philosophy of record making, Polkadot Cadaver stands up in an industry of mediocrity to offer something special to the lucky few who choose to listen. PDot began in 2007 by former Dog Fashion Disco members, Todd Smith and Jasan Stepp and was originally thought of as a studio project to keep the musical legacy of DFD alive. That all changed when their first release “Purgatory Dance Party” hit stores in November of that year. Universally praised by fans and critics alike, Purgatory Dance Party was a triumph. By blending elements of Rock, Pop, Metal and Hip Hop, Smith and Stepp did something that they had not intended originally. They created an entirely new genre that was uniquely theirs. It was very clear that Polkadot had to be given it’s due as more than just a DFD spin-off.

In 2008 they added a full-time bassist David Cullen and began a string of tours in support of Purgatory Dance Party. On 5/10/2011 Polkadot Cadaver returns with their 2nd full length album Sex Offender which marks another milestone in the evolution of a great band.  Where PDots sound was an experiment on Purgatory Dance Party, it has grown and been mastered on Sex Offender.  There are no accidents on this record, each song is meticulously crafted, and painstakingly perfected. For old and new fans alike, Sex Offender offers something for everyone, the members of Polkadot Cadaver feel it’s their best work ever.

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