NEUROSIS, Sovereign LP Reissue Coming to Neurot Recordings Store Soon

The NR Online Store will have copies of Neurosis Sovereign LP Repress very soon. This 30+ minute 4-track album has not been available on vinyl since 2001. The album will be available on 180g vinyl  in Black, Black/Red, and Clear, though numbers are limited. We will update everyone as soon as they are in stock!

Having built their legacy on a series of formidable full lengths that have garnered both critical praise and a level of success massive in relation to the world from whence they came, Neurosis’ “Sovereign” EP has become something of a lost classic. Recorded by Steve Albini in the same sessions as the now classic “Times of Grace”  album, this collection of songs could hardly be considered a set of cast offs from the album proper, but rather a succinct and powerful statement on par with, and perhaps even exceeding its counterpart. While the band had never shied away from experimentation and purposeful steps on a path of progression, “Sovereign” contains some of their darkest and strangest material, as well as their most melodic and spacious. First time on vinyl since 2001! Album artwork by our mainman, Aaron Turner!

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