Your Demise Guitarist Ends Up in Solitary Confinement

Earache Records artist YOUR DEMISE ended up spending some quality time in Belgian solitary confinement while on tour. Have a read about what happened:

“Where do I start haha! 7 ‘ Dickheads’ in a van on tour in Europe! Thats a good start. Looking back i think that tour was destined for it to happen,.We were out of control. At the peak of our destruction you could say, we were setting fireworks off out the van on the motorway, and as they ran out we made a stop to a shop in France somewhere. We purchased 3 really shit BB guns that would not even go through the air let alone flesh, about 1000 firecrackers and loads of ammo. Finally we began our journey toward Germany.

Midway through the journey, the firecrackers were being set off in the van and everyone was shooting Oz (guitarist, Daniel Osbourne, who was driving, i might add). The next thing we know is that a Belgian Police car is telling us to pull over. The full extent of the event hit us when at that point when we got out the van. There was 4 police cars, 2 meat wagons full of feds, 2 police Helicopters. We all just looked at each other and that was it. They lead us to the police station, for which they closed the motorway off for us to pass through. We got to the police station, they searched us and locked us up. 24 hours in solitary confinement later, we are set free ha ha. We then thought it was all over, but a year later we each get a court summons saying we had to attend a hearing. We were being charged with 3 counts of Threatening Behavior, the transportation of Illegal Firearms and something else. So we get a British speaking Belgian Lawyer, costing us 5 grand, we go to court, and get acquitted on all charges. Big waste of time. Looking back that is MENTAL!”

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