Rotting Christ Finally Getting The Attention They So Desperately Crave

GREECE–Greek black metallers recently completed a U.S. tour in which some of their shows were picketed. Some of the protests included up to eight people.
When reached for comment Marilyn Manson said, “my bowel movements get more protesters.”
Nevertheless, Rotting Christ immediately sent a press release to Blabbermouth compete with video of the protests. The band also denied that protesters were actually members of the band’s road crew.
Rotting Christ, whose music does not speak for itself hence the band’s name, was supported on the trek by Abigail WIlliams.
“Y’know with our name we are sorta supporting the same message as Rotting Christ,” said Abigail Williams vocalist Ken Sorceron. “It’s just that, y’know, subtlety can be a virtue.”

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