Your Demise – Ignorance Never Dies

The UK’s latest hype, YOUR DEMISE comes out swinging with their latest Earache Records (US)/Visible Noise (Europe) release, Ignorance Never Dies.  The band plays this bruising style of American metallic hardcore dubbed “hardcore 2.0”, where the band sure keeps the spirit, while mixing in plenty of drum n bass interludes that help differentiates them a little from the pack.  Comparisons can be made with Hatebreed and Agnostic Front on the heavier side, which by the way YOUR DEMISE happens to be one of Jamey Jasta’s favorite bands.  But when freshening up the traditional sound, YOUR DEMISE as a whole has crafted a strong style with some fresh ideas.    

YOUR DEMISE opens up with the title track, “Ignorance Never Dies”, and the striking melodies in the intro set up the listener for blast off.  The song as a whole gives a steady stomp, and acts as the warm-up into what’s going to come next…

Immediately picking up the pace, YOUR DEMISE unleashes “Burnt Tongues” and shows strength in their delivery.  Bursting out of their cage, the band unleashes brutal blasts of hardcore that are soon to transition into beautiful melodies layered with frantic drum rolls, strong chants, and galloping bass lines.  Soon enough the band is back to the brutality, giving some unbreakable guitar tones.  Nothing new, but nothing wrong with some straight up hardcore either.

YOUR DEMISE really lets out their energy in “All I Never Want To Be”.  Chaotic distortion is let loose in the intro, and building off of that, the band takes us through an obstacle course at full speed.  Closing up shop, the guitar counter attacks on the breakdown really get the fists pumping, the blood flowing, and the spirit in tact.  “All I Never Want To Be” really shows us the monster within YOUR DEMISE, and the song has a sound that suits them well. 

Though a range of influences show, each song on Ignorance Never Dies is written very well.  Though I’m a tad confused on some choice placements on their drum n bass interludes, Ignorance Never Dies is still a solid hardcore release.  YOUR DEMISE definitely has the potential to grow, and with strong teams equipped globally, I believe their hype is going to make them one of the bigger acts in the hardcore scene.


Rating: 8/10
Label: Earache Records (US) / Visible Noise (Europe)

By Alex Gilbert

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