CORPSESSED & GOREPHILIA Releases Out Now via Dark Descent Records

With the billboards and rumors of next week’s alleged Judgment Day popping up all over the place, your favorite supplier of underground extreme metal, Dark Descent Records, is unleashing a pair of gut-wrenching and pulverizing MCDs to take along with you on your fiery ride to damnation. Fresh in from the plant and ready to ship are the anticipated debut EPs from Corpsessed and Gorephilia. Both rooted in the old-school ways of pure, relentless and bullshit-free brutality, each of these young acts is destined to make a huge impact on the underground metal community. Visit for more details. Ordering information can be found below.

Bone-jarring and chest-crushing; if death had a soundtrack, The Dagger and the Chalice (Dark Descent Records) would be it. Hailing from Finland, Corpsessed’s brand of spine-tingling death metal will not disappoint. Six tracks, 24 minutes, The Dagger and the Chalice is pure death metal. No gimmicks, no keyboards, just rotten death metal the way it should be. ┬áThis release features an eight-page booklet on extra thick matte finish paper complete withart from Alexander “Bad News” Brown. If you are still not a believer, check out the unofficial video for the song “Altar of Worms” here.




Crypt Infester

Nameless Cult

Altar of Worms


The Dagger and the Chalice

Corpsessed On Facebook

Twenty-eight minutes of deathly sickness from these new Finnish masters of brutality is the meal served on Gorephilia’s Ascend to Chaos, which will be released May 12th on Dark Descent Records. The six putrid slabs of Death Metal owe as much to the old Finnish death legends as they do to prime-time Morbid Angel and Sadistic Intent. Gorephilia’s darkness-soaked brand of death metal is in full-force and Ascend to Chaos represents their true introduction to the world.




Death, Chaos, Doom

Reaching the Divine End

Give into Madness

Ascent to Chaos

Tower of Bones

Gorephilia On Facebook

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