“JEZEBEL’S RESURRECTION” Party! June 18th, 2011 MALONE’S, Santa Ana, CA

THE METAL MASSES HAVE CRIED OUT INTO THE NIGHT… ”TAKE US BACK!!… BACK TO THE WICKED DAYS AND NIGHTS WHEN METAL RULED ORANGE COUNTY”… And We have ‘Heard’ their plea’s and demands and we humbly obey… with… the “JEZEBEL’S RESURRECTION” Party!!! FOR One and One time Only, On June 18th, 2011 at Malone’s Bar and Grill in Santa Ana we are Re-creating a night at Jezebel’s night club… With Bands, Jammers, Ex-Employees and Metal head Jezebelian’s straight from back in the day… RUTHLESS, VISITOR, RICH E NUFF & FILTHY ROCKS, EV Loud as SKELETON CREW, WHITE LIE (formally TRIIX), STIFF KITTEN, SANITY (With “Andy” FOH soundman from Jezebel’s as drummer), SPOILED ROTTEN, Jeff La Rosa’s BLACKBIRD SKY, STEPCHYLD, Freedom under X-ray, and many others sitting in singing and ‘Jamming” you won’t believe!!! AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, check this out, We’ll have a LIVE internet Radio cast from the Party by BRAINGELL.COM with Alan Blast (the Marquee nightclub DJ) as your host, AND an episode taping of “UNSIGNED ROCK TV” of the Party and Bands… THIS LITTLE METAL BASH IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY!!! If you’re looking for “Structured OR Safe” OR If you weren’t lucky enough to be part of the Metal OC club scene in the 80’s and 90’s this show isn’t probably for you either… BUT IF YOU WERE “THERE” (Jezebel’s , the Marquee, Goodies, Oscars, Faces, etc.) BACK THEN, YOU WANT TO BE HERE, NOW!!! June 18th, 2011 MALONE’S, 604 E. Dyer Rd. Santa Ana, Doors Open 3:30PM- 2:00AM (after hours location TBA???).

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