LUCKY THIR13N To Release “March Of The Young” This September (video)

After many successful shows in Greece, the release of their first demo, entitled Far From Home, that got many positive reviews both in Greek and foreign zines.  After many unplugged shows in Greek radios and the opening of Crashdiet show in Thessaloniki, this September (2011) the young band from Thessaloniki will release their debut album, entitled: March Of The Young.  Check out their March Of The Young promo video below:

The boys comment on their album:
We did our best, for all these people that love Hard-Rock and they want to hear a modern aspect of it.  In this album, everyone will see themselves picturing, their concerns and their dreams, since its ours too.

Mix was done @ Valve Studios, in Thessaloniki, by Strutter (W.A.N.T.E.D.). Mastering was done @ Soundcheckers studio in N.Y., by Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger)

The boys comment on the cooperation:
We had a great time being in the studio for at least 8 hours a day with a very good friend, Strutter and we are pretty sure that he had great time too.  As for Bruno, it was a dream, we are great fans of DD.  He work is very professional and he is a very nice person.  He gave breath to the work we did with Strutter. We REALLY thank him!

Guest Appearances by:
Invoker (Dimlight)
Vivian (Realiez)
DJ Space (S.M.A) and
Lefteris Germenlis (Until Rain)

The boys comment on the cooperation:
We wanted to gather a lot of Greek musicians because we must understand that if we want, the Greek scene to evolve, we must stay united. Only by helping each other we can reach our expectations.  Up to a point, we think that we did it.

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