LEGEND’s “The Pale Horse” Available on iTunes


1. “Diagnosis: Doom”

2. “Circle of Friends”

3. “Shut Down”

4. “Parasite”

5. “Obey”

6. “Shapeshifter”

7. “Numbers”

8. “Proven”

9. “Four Horsemen”

10. “Shadow Stalker”

11. “Faithful”

To purchase Legend’s The Pale Horse on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-pale-horse/id435376563

The Metalcore community is based on integrity and passion, so it’s no surprise that Michigan’s Legend has built a loyal fan base that feels more like a family. They’ve done it the old fashioned way, hitting the pavement, and bringing their live experience coast to coast over and over again. With their sophomore release, The Pale Horse, Legend (Fronted by Chad Ruhlig, ex-For the Fallen Dreams) pushes the boundaries, blending hardcore and metal into one heavy beast of a record

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