Daath Recount Shooting That Took Place at Florida Show

In his exclusive blog series on MetalSucks, DAATH guitarist Eyal Levi recounted a shooting that took place outside the band’s show in St. Petersburg, FL last Friday, June 26th with GOATWHORE, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, ABYSMAL DAWN and SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY. An excerpt follows:
“Why does there tend to be extreme violence at our shows in Florida? Granted, fucked up things don’t happen every single time we play there but they happen enough to where it’s on my mind.
“So here’s the most recent event. This past Friday we played in St. Pete. The show was pretty much a gigantic clusterfuck of disorganization and unprofessionalism to the point where it wasn’t even clear if we were getting paid or not. The promoter wanted to pay us with checks. Everyone who tours knows that you collect cash. So myself and some other people from the tour were having a discussion with the promoter’s representative about this outside the club when what looked like a ten-on-one fight started rolling our way. Apparently some white power asshole pissed off the wrong people and got the shit kicked out of him. Now when I say he got the shit kicked out of him I mean these people fucked him the hell up. It was brutal. They were clocking him in the face repeatedly, slamming his head into walls, kicking him all over, throwing him around, and basically ruining his night.
“So anyways, our conversation about money gets disrupted by this mob going to town on the guy and they end up right next to us. People were screaming, there was blood everywhere, and then suddenly BANG! There was a moment of confusion and then it dawned on everyone that the sound was a gunshot. Some dude who happened to be standing outside when the rolling mob came by was shot. I don’t know by whom and I don’t know where he was shot but I decided not to hang out there anymore. I went inside and called the cops. Before I knew it there were about twenty squad cars surrounding the area. I just hung out in the back and waited for things to calm down.”
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