Apice, Brown Ready to Cash In Following Bin Laden’s Death

LOS ANGELES–Following the death of O(U)sama Bin Laden, many assume ‘Whitey’  Bulger will move to the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List. But if Vinny Apice  and Rex Brown have any say it will be Devil Hill and they are ready to collect  any reward.
Apice and Brown have teamed up with a couple of other dudes that  no one knows in a project called Kill Devil Hill with the purpose of delivering  good hard rock music and to take down the notorious Devil Hill.
“Aw man Hill  has done some serious shit. Shit I shouldn’t even talk about,” said Brown. “I  think it’s better that our government only know what they need to know and let  me and the boys take care of things. We’ll do it cheap. Say five million  bucks.”
Brown, who recently read Elmore Leonard’s ‘Djibouti’ in which one  plot point has a bounty hunter tryinh to artificially inflate the importance of  a suspected terrorist to increase the reward money the government would pay,  said Hill is really a person and not just a town in North Carolina or a play on  words.
“Dude, talk to Dusty Hill,” said Brown. “I’m not saying they related.  I’m just saying.”

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