At THE GALAXY CONCERT THEATRE: Lita Ford, Combichrist, and Destruction


“It’s beyond my personal demons, and extremely honest,” says LaPlegua of the fifth Combichrist album Making Monsters. With five albums, thousands of shows, and four full months in Europe touring with Rammstein (in front of hundreds of thousands of people), Combichrist has become a purely visceral creature, driven by instinct and emotion; stripped of all pretension. Its urgency – most evident in the raw and uncompromising new album – is fueled by expressions of lust, anger, pain and hate.

Presenting a foreboding soundscape, the album kicks off with a hauntingly atmospheric instrumental “Declamation,” setting the tone for what is to follow: dark, stabbing synths; heavy, robotic beats; and swarming, buzz saw-style guitar sounds. Songs such as “Follow the Trail of Blood” (featuring Brendan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through) are baretoothed aggression; meanwhile the floor-stomping, first single “Never Surrender” proves to be aggressively catchy, with its metronome-tight rhythm through the verses, giving way to explosive choruses that is bound to pack dance floors. “Through These Eyes of Pain” takes a much subtler approach. Its echo-y vocal wash and glitchy beats conjure images like a mournful dream, exposing the man inside the monster. Though the moods displayed in Making Monsters are decidedly sinister, LaPlegua manages to portray these emotions in many different guises. Laden with hook heavy choruses, speaker-crushing beats, and LaPlegua’s trademark dark, aggressive vocals, this is an album that exudes honesty and the darkness that often comes with it.

Initially cutting his teeth in the seminal Norwegian hardcore bands Fleshfire and Lash Out, LaPlegua segued out of that scene into the electronic music world with Icon of Coil. Originally a solo project, it morphed into a full band with the additions of Sebastian Komor and Christian Lund. Not only did IOC mark LaPlegua’s first major work with electronics and dance beats, but it also granted him wider exposure beyond Norway; IOC was LaPlegua’s first project to be released in the United States.

COMBICHRIST presented by Das Bunker
The Great AmeriCon / Star Killer / Whiteqube / blackcentr

THURSDAY, MAY 19th at 8:00pm

Tickets are $18.00 In Advance $20.00 Day of Show
Dinner reservations are available and highly recommended

Please Call The Box Office At 714-957-0600 For Tickets And Dinner Reservations



DESTRUCTION, the legendary south German trio of high energy thrash metal, have been active for almost 30 years and have never veered from their ethos to induce high levels of adrenaline in their dedicated fans. As part of the original “Three Kings” of Teutonic thrash metal (alongside Kreator and Sodom), DESTRUCTION prove that if you want to hear something done right, then it should be left to the ones who ignited the movement!

Iconic metal frontman Schmier and the boys are back with Day Of Reckoning, one of the fiercest thrash metal albums released in the last decade, scheduled for release in North America on March 8th.

With pounding, visceral rhythms such as the opening track “The Price,” and the soon-to-become a live performance staple “Hate is My Fuel,” DESTRUCTION pay tribute to their roots and easily revive that old-school feeling that imitators can’t touch.

Recorded by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Heaven Shall Burn), Day Of Reckoning is DESTRUCTION’s 11th full-length album and fourth release for Nuclear Blast. It features guest appearances by guitarists Ol Drake (Evile), V.O. Pulver (Gurd), Jacob Hansen (Invocator), and Olof Morock (Nightrage) and includes a cover of Dio’s classic metal anthem, “Stand Up and Shout!”


SUNDAY, MAY 15th at 8:00pm

Tickets are $17.00 In Advance $20.00 Day of Show
Dinner reservations are available and highly recommended

Please Call The Box Office At 714-957-0600 For Tickets And Dinner Reservations



The 1980’s began the solo career of Lita Ford. With the release of albums such as Out for Blood, Dancin’ on the Edge, and Lita, she was well on her way to earning the title of “The Queen of Metal”.

As a solo artist Lita had the freedom to lean more to the hard side of rock n’ roll. Hit singles Kiss Me Deadly and Close My Eyes Forever, a duet with metal master Ozzy Osbourne, took Lita to new heights both commercially and artistically. Kiss Me Deadly was named one of the best hard rock songs of all time by VH1, while Close Me Eyes Forever is featured Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore.

Lita (pictured left with Alice Cooper) continued her solo success with a string of well received albums into the 1990’s.

After a long self-imposed break from the crazy world of the music industry, Lita Ford returned to the stage in 2008 at the Rocklahoma music festival and to the studio with 2009’s Wicked Wonderland.


SATURDAY, MAY 21st at 8:00pm

Tickets are $25.00 Dinner reservations are available and highly recommended

Please Call The Box Office At 714-957-0600 For Tickets And Dinner Reservations

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