INCUBUS:Getting Kicked in the Balls and Limo’s + Fans Solve Puzzle to See New Album Cover Art

Watch TechCrunch TV’s interview with Brandon & Mike at the SF Music Tech Conference. Damn good interview although it looked as though things could’ve gotten a little “pissy” there between the interview and the interviewee. Check it out for yourself and see.

Also, Incubus wants you to see the album artwork for their upcoming album, IF NOT NOW, WHEN? To make it a little more fun, they’ve decided to break it apart into puzzle pieces for you to solve.

Here are two codes to get you started:

Here’s how it works…
– Go to
– Click one of the pink “+” signs so a small lightbox appears with instructions on where you can find the clues to solve that puzzle piece.
– In the correct puzzle pieces, you will be prompted to paste one of the 2 codes above into the correct window.
– This will make ONE puzzle piece appear.
– Once all 6 puzzle pieces are solved, you will be able to see the album cover artwork for IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

Follow the weblinks in the right hand section for more clues, or just follow to instructions on how to find the codes within each puzzle piece to solve it.

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