GIFT OF DESTINY Releases “Throttle” CD

Capturing a sound that manages to mix elements of Hard Core, Metal and old school Punk Rock, the four-man band Gift of Destiny should garner a strong following with their just-released CD, Throttle.  Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, the group consists of singer Los Hernandez, guitarist/ backing vocalist Mikey H, Drummer Jake, and Bassist B-Low.

The CD is the culmination of songs the band recorded withLarry Elyea at Minds Eye Digital in Peoria, Arizona. Elyea is no stranger to heavy music. Some of the bands he has recorded include Sevendust, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch and Authority Zero. “I’m amazed at how much the band was able to accomplish, explains Elyea. The music is raw and energetic.” Mikey ads, “Our first session was a test to see what we had. We recorded five songs in two days; when we walked out of the studio we knew we had something special.We went back in the studio and recorded the remainder of the record in three days.”

The 11-track CD comes out swinging on the groove-heavy,Raise Some Hell.  This song won the band a radio contest onthe #1 active rock station 98 KUPD in Phoenix, Arizona.Raise Some Hell also won a contest the station has called Rock Wars, beating out Avenged Sevenfold and All that Remains for ‘Song of the Year.’ As a result of the win, Gift of Destiny played a station sponsored event with Red Line Chemistry and Rev Theory.

Another highlight on this CD is the SB-1070 Immigration lawprotest song, FU-1070. This song was featured in a blog by The Phoenix New Times and hailed by their music editor, Martin Cizmar.

Far Away is a great track, featuring a catchy chorus; heart felt lyrics, and some great guitar work. “The lyrics are about my wife and me drifting apart and trying to get back what we once had,” explains Hernandez.

Then there is the brutally heavy track The Reason. “Upon first listen one might think the song is about blaming someone for their pain, but it’s actually about looking in the mirror and realizing the problems lie within,” says Hernandez.

My Life is also a great track with some introspective lyrics and a cool mix of punk rock and hard core grooves.
Fah Q has a punk rock vibe and almost sounds like something that could have come from Slayer’s ‘Undisputed Attitude.’

Not to be overlooked is the cover of Bloodstains, which was originally released by punk rock legends, Agent Orange. The Gift of Destiny version of this song is much heavier than the original but retains the vibe that made this song a classic. Throttle is a strong CD from start to finish and never gets dull or boring. Each song has a life of its own and the CD seems to get better the more you listen to it.

Gift of Destiny ‘Throttle’ Track Listing:
1)Raise Some Hell
2)The Reason
3)FU 1070
5)Far Away
7)You Don’t Know Me
8)My Life
9)Swimming in Gasoline
10)Fah Q
11)Intellectual Intercourse

‘Throttle’ can be purchased through iTunes, Amazon mp3 and

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