Dark Descent Records To Reissue DEATH STRIKE’s “Fuckin’ Death” On CD and Vinyl

Dark Descent Records is proud to announce the reissue of Death Strike’s Fuckin’ Death on CD and vinyl. Active from 1984 to 1985, Fuckin’ Death represented one of death metal’s earliest recordings. Death Strike disbanded after 1985’s Fuckin’ Death demo and Paul Speckmann went on to front the legendary Master. Fuckin’ Death was eventually re-released in 1991 on LP, CD and MC, with additional tracks, by Nuclear Blast.

Dark Descent Records owner Matt Calvert gives details on the release:

“Vinyl version layout is nearing completion. This will include a foreword by Olivier “Zoltar” Badin of Terrorizer and other publications. Paul Speckmann wrote some lengthy liner notes documenting the early times. Additionally, the jacket has stayed true to the original release including the gold pantone. This will be offered in black vinyl and two separate special edition colors. One will be exclusive to Me Saco Un Ojo (my distributor in Europe for this release) and the other color will be sold through Dark Descent Records. Both will have the black vinyl version.

The CD layout is complete and has been sent to press. It will be available on June 13th with pre-orders starting soon. The CD will contain an eight page booklet with the same liner notes, foreword, new scans/photos and complete CORRECT lyrics. The booklet will have the originally intended gold pantone on the cover (no shitty yellow), the back insert and the CD itself.”

The Truth

Mangled Dehumanization

Pay To Die

Re-Entry And Destruction

The Final Conflict

Man Killed America/ Embryonic Misc


Remorseless Poison

Bonus Rehearsal Tracks:

Live for Free (CD and LP)

The Truth (CD and LP)

Pay to Die (CD)

Master (CD)


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