Darkness Dynamite – The Astonishing Fury Of Mankind

DARKNESS DYNAMITE make no bones about it as they wear their roots on their sleeves as evident in the heavy groove that instantly catches the ears of “Supernatural” taking us back the days of Cowboys From Hell from PANTERA. But what separates DD from being a copycat band is the fact that they can take their influences and use them to create dynamics and emotion as the intro track shows groove, the ability to write a straight-forward hook for a chorus but also show strength in a bridge as well as incorporate the speed thing into the middle as well. Vocalist Junior Rodriguez shows power as a lead screamer and singer whose vocals sound reminscent of Jonny Santos (SPINESHANK) and BURTON C. BELL (FEAR FACTORY). Not only do his vocals sound similar, but some of the choruses have a striking resemblance to Spineshank as well. Quite interesting to hear a band with that in their arsenal yet they also mix it up by throwing blast elements into the ring like in “Immersion Inner Nation.”

“Chasing Inside” displays their ability to morph their songs to a higher IQ level with stressed vocals over music that supports the strain with emphasized emotion. Their unique approach to having the vocals pressed at full steam 100% of the time no matter the pace of the song is something that isn’t seen that often, it’s almost reminscent of Peter Dolving (THE HAUNTED). “Vice!” enters at a fast pace and is broken down in the choruses with guitar melodies comparable to AMON AMARTH before we head into a guitar solo showing that Nelson Martins knows how to unleash the fury.

With all of these great traits to their arsenal, there are some downfalls. “Dare I Say” comes off as fast for fast sakes and lacks the vocal hooks brought forth earlier in the album. “The Everlasting Grace Of Mind,” an instrumental, sounds like SPONGE circa 1994 and while not horrible in nature, I find myself looking around as it fades into the intro of the title track which sounds a tad bit like DANZIG and again Pantera and the chorus sounds like John Bush era ANTHRAX.

From the opening riff/groove to “Supernatural” from The Astonishing Fury Of Mankind by DARKNESS DYNAMITE to the closing title track, you are taken on a sonic journey crossing genres into something fresh and invigorating taking you away from the standard that is being pressed our way in 2009! Definitely a band to watch in the years to come as they develop into a heavy contender of their own!

RATING: 7/10
LABEL: Metal Blade
WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/darknessdynamitemusic

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