ENTRENCHED Premiers New Track “Anesthetic Death”

Jersey-based warmongers ENTRENCHED have paired up with StereoKiller.com to premier the track “Anesthetic Death” from their wholly devastating underground masterpiece Preemptive Strike. Crafted in the tradition of BOLT THROWER, INVASION and HAIL OF BULLETS, Preemptive Strike offers memorable songwriting, hellacious grooves, and a world war’s worth of firefights.

Those of you who don’t cower at the sound of violence should visit www.stereokiller.com/Entrenched and prepare to get your goddamned head blown off.

Preemptive Strike Track List:

Intro (Mobilize)

Bred to Kill


Landbrecher 666

Frenzied Amputation

Anesthetic Death

Burnt and Destroyed

Tooth and Nail

Dropping the Tsar Bomb

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