Tub Ring to Preview Brand New Material on Tub Ring TV this Friday

TUB RING are currently in the mixing stages for the first batch of songs that they’ve recorded, and they’re giving their loyal fans a chance to hear one of the songs (”Bird of a Different Color”) before it gets finalized.

It’s going to be a one time only premiere, so you’ll have to tune in order to hear it, but on top of the new tunes TUB RING will also be answering questions about the new album, showing some art ideas for the cover, chatting, and more.

  • A blog with some updates (including the information regarding the TRTV Broadcast this Friday) is up and running here.
  • The link to our webcast for TRTV can be found here.

Look for TUB RING’s new effort to tentatively come out in early 2010, with yet another ’scaled down’  songwriting/recording session planned beforehand.

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