LAWNMOWER DETH Confirmed For UK’s Bloodstock Festival

British madcap thrashers LAWNMOWER DETH have been confirmed for this year’s edition of Bloodstock Open Air festival in the UK.  Here’s what they had to say about it on their MySpace page:

The Mid Life Crisis tour continues (well… more of a casual jaunt around the fields of the midlands if we are honest)..

We can now confirm that we will be playing at Next years Bloodstock festival and we are pretty damn chuffed about it too.

After last week’s highly enjoyable slot at the Damnation Festival in Leeds, we are going to go all out to make Bloodstock one to remember !

Will we do more crowd surf races ?… hell yes

Will Satan be on his trampoline ?.. I think so

Will we have more Killer cobs than ever before ?.. sure we will

Can we get the biggest fish dance known to man going off in the Sophie tent ?….. that one my friends will be down to you !

Snails and horns aloft ?.. would be rude not to

Could Sumo rabbit be making another appearance ?… well, that one depends on his schedule of heavy drinking and fighting really..

Can we think up some other stupid activity in time for Bloodstock ?.. I’m almost certain we will

Exciting init ?

Oh.. and least I forget, don’t forget to come and see us in Derby in May, that will be a cracking evening as well !

See you next year !

LAWNMOWER DETH were active in the late ’80s and early ’90s, before reforming in 2008.  The band has since played a number of shows, including performances at Download festival and Damnation Festival.

LAWNMOWER DETH are due to headline the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock on Friday, 12th August.


“Bloodstock 2011.  Yeah, this is going to work on several levels.  First and foremost, a long and overdue chance to play to the bearded masses.  Never in the history of festivals has one had a reputation for spouting so much facial choppery; I can only hope that Flymo’s fluff is enough to keep ’em happy.  It’s going to be one big facial love in.  Secondly, it’s free tickets for Motorbonce, so we’re chuffed.  And thirdly, the opportunity to headline the Sophie stage was just too good.  Her abhorrent murder in 2007 is even more pertinent for me, it was only 10 miles from where I live.  If the memory of Sophie on this stage can breed just a little open-mindedness and tolerance then the world is a better place.  See you in the pit, beardy weirdies.”

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LAWNMOWER DETH are also due to perform this Saturday, 28th May at Redemption in Derby.  Joining them will be EVIL SCARECROW, VIRUS and more.  Tickets are available now at

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