STONELAKE Sign with Massacre Records

Guitarist Jan Åkesson and vocalist Peter Grundström met in August 1984 at a gig. Jan was playing in a band called Ravage and Peter was the vocalist of the band Whitelight. Soon Jan joined Peter and the band Whitelight.

In 1987 Jan and Whitelight parted ways and Jan focused on playing more guitar-oriented hard rock. Peter continued on as a member of Whitelight but Jan wasn’t replaced and soon after Whitelight changed their name to Kee Avenue.

In 1994 Jan established his own studio and retired from playing live shows. Kee Avenue split up when several band members left the band in 1991. Peter continued writing songs and played in cover bands.  When Jan and Peter met again, Stonelake was born.  The band has already released four albums and they continue building a fan base all over the world.

Their fifth album “Marching On Timeless Tales” is going to be released on July 1, 2011!

Peter Grundström: Vocals
Jan Åkesson: Guitars
Lars Johansson: Bass
Jens Westberg: Drums
Annika Argerich: Keyboard

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