NOCICEPTOR to Officially Release Debut EP ‘Among Insects’ in June 2011

Featuring THREAT SIGNAL’s Travis Montgomery, NOCICPETOR delivers the goods with pummeling, unrelenting groove metal. Mandatory for all djentlemen.

On Among Insects, Montgomery, along with partners in crime JD Schmidt (vocals), Scott Allen (bass) and Michael Eskandari (drums), heave massive amounts of groove-laden and diverse progressive metal and anyone fortunate to be within earshot. Recommended for fans of MESHUGGAH, NEVERMORE, and TESSERACT, Dallas, TX-based NOCICEPTOR is a band simultaneously recalls the skills of their masters, while pushing them aside in an effort to expand the boundaries of the genre.

Recently signed to Pivotal Rockordings, NOCICEPTOR will officially release its debut EP, Among Insects, via all major digital retailers in June 2011. The EP was recorded by guitarist/founder Travis Montgomery (THREAT SIGNAL) himself at his home studio in Dallas and was produced by Chris Purvis.


The Fell






Angus McGillicuddy

Nociceptor is:

Scott Allen: Bass

Travis Montgomery: Guitar

Michael Eskandari: Drums

J.D. Schmidt: Vocals

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