ICON IN ME Sets Release Date for ‘Head Break Solution’

In today’s music “industry,” it seems that most bands are compromising their artistic expression for fear of alienating radio program directiors and record company executives. Few recording artists are willing to step up and record what they truly feel. One such recording artist is Icon In Me and they have captured the soul of heavy metal music with the release of their third title, Head Break Solution.

Demonstrating passion few recording artists can, Icon In Me’s D. Frans describes the band’s emotions while writing for the new album,  “People cannot remain indifferent and apathetic to the situation in the modern world; wars, cataclysms, corruption of governments and many more. People throughout the world are going crazy and are making bad decisions. These are Head Break Solutions. We reflected on the problems in the world today and tried to capture them in song.”

Icon In Me has crafted an inspired release, with brilliant performances, outstanding song arrangements and tremendous production. Fantasy is not reflected on Head Break Solution. It captures the harsh realities of the world today. Led by the outstanding vocals of Tony JJ (former member of M.A.N., C-187, ex-Mnemic and Transport League), the dual guitar attack f D. Frans (ex-Hostile Breed) and Artyom (ex-Reign The Absolute) and the pounding rhythm section of Konstantin (bass, ex-Hostile Breed) and Morten (drums, Amaranthe, Mercenary, The Arcane Order, Submission, Soilwork, Hateshpere, Scarve) Head Break Solution will not disappoint even the most critical metal fan. Guest appearances include Glen Drover (Megadeth, King Diamond), Anders Bjorler (The Haunted, At The Gates), Rob Guz (M.A.N., Olof Morck, Nightrage, Amaranthe), Magnus Soderman (In Rage, Slapdash), Andy Solvestrom (Within, Amaranthe, Evildoer and Cypher System) and Oleg Izotov (Trinity, ANJ).

Suicide World / Intro

Wasted Ways

Face It

The Quest


Lost For Nothing

Flood Kills

Nuclear Drama

Tired And Broken

Through The Sites

Aspects Of The Unknown

Solid Child

Head Break Solution is set for a July 12th release.



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