INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND (I.N.C.) Releases ‘Bleed The Line EP’ Track for XBox360 Through RockBand Network (video)

Connecticut/New York thrash metal group INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND has released their new track ‘Rain’ for Xbox360 through the RockBand Network! The track is cut from the band’s Bleed The Line EP. Check out the track at the RockBand Network at this link. Fans can watch the track being demonstrated on RockBand below:

The band recently completed an interview with Artisan News Service at Ground Zero in NYC to discuss the reunion of the band, performing with Pantera, and more. Head to this link to watch the interview, and please do note that the release date has been changed since the filming of this video.

INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND and Candlelight Records have teamed up to distribute the band’s upcoming full-length release, Heaven Sent…Hellbound, on its new release date, August 9th, 2011.  The album is being released on Rising Records, and is the band’s first full-length offering in over 20 years.

INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND just wrapped up on shooting two new music videos for the singles ‘Fist of Fascista’ and ‘Swallowed’ a few weeks ago in Brooklyn, NY.  A new “behind-the-scenes” video is now available for viewing at  The video was shot by director Russell Hasenauer, and the “behind-the-scenes” footage was edited by Kevin Juliff.

For more information on INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND, please visit these sites:

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