Deadwalk Enter Canadian Studio to Begin Recording Debut Full Length

Montreal based hardcore/metal outfit DEADWALK have entered the studio to begin recording their debut full-length, Scandalous at Red Dusk Studio with producer Matt Laperle (Blind Witness). The group’s debut is expected to hit stores in late 2009 through Year of the Sun Records.

“This new record is going to be the first time most people have ever heard of Deadwalk, so we wanted to make sure that it gets their attention. We’ve re-recorded a couple of the old standout tracks, but the majority of the record will be all new material. We’ve called the album ‘Scandalous‘ and it will be over the top in every way possible,” says Deadwalk frontman Greg Kepka. “It’s also going to be really heavy, but I also think it has crossover appeal. The hardcore kids will enjoy it just as much as the metalcore kids.  It will be something fresh for both new and old fans of the band. We’re hoping to get across the intensity of our live show on the record. The music is still pissed, but fun and bouncy at the same time.”

Check the upstart Canucks out here.

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