Dayton, OH metalcore experience THE PARAMEDIC recently announced that they are giving away their new EP, The Devil In Me, for free! The EP was self-produced by the band at their personal studio in Dayton, OH. With a revolutionary new sound, THE PARAMEDIC is ready to obliterate the airwaves, your stereos, and your ears with The Devil In Me. The band is currently looking for a label to call home.

1. The Sixth Seal
2. A Vessel Of Times Past
3. The Devil In Me
4. From The Throne

Download Link:

“This EP is all about fighting off your demons and finding self empowerment, which is something we can all relate to,” states guitarist Jake Nolan. “Musically, we just wanted to write the most fun and colorful piece of art that we could while still capturing the message behind it and the overall mood. At the same time we wanted to create something all heavy music fans alike could easily digest and move too. I am proud of this release, and I am so happy that we are able to share it in it’s entirety with anyone who wants to hear it for free. This is our gift to the masses, we hope you like our music and share our gift to all of your friends.”

THE PARAMEDIC couldn’t be happier to announce their new relationship with the incredible management group, Outerloop Management (Comeback Kid, The Color Morale, We Came As Romans, Emery). “These are some of the hardest working guys I have worked with,” states Derek Brewer of Outerloop Management. “They know the true meaning of what it takes to be musicians. Writing catchy hooks and mind-blowing licks is what these guys are all about. In every regard, in anything they do, they do not accept anything but the greatest.”
Guitarist Jake Nolan was introduced to bassist Ryan Meyers at a Mötley Crüe concert, where they both happened to stumble into a verbal altercation with several other fans over which was the better band; Whitesnake or Mötley Crüe. After hashing it out through lengthy discussion, the two subsequently discovered their similar desires of creating a band.

Jake and Ryan continued on to jam with each other outside of several individual projects they were working on. Eventually, the two decided to recruit the best members from the local scene’s finest musical offerings to form THE PARAMEDIC. Jake and Ryan quickly became friends with guitarist Alex Asch after witnessing his incredible talent while shredding outside of U.S. Bank Arena during a Metallica show. The group then discovered drummer Kevin Vincent jamming in a sound room of the Drum Department at Hauer Music in Dayton, Ohio. After seeing him destroy a set of drums and hearing his outstanding progressive drumming style, they knew he was a key element in setting them apart from other bands. After all of the instrumentals were in place, the band set their sites on young vocalist Michael Luciano. The band heard Michael’s powerful and R&B-esque style vocals one night at a jazz club while out on the town in Cincinnati, Ohio. They instantly offered him the position of vocalist, in which Michael took the opportunity and left his then-current band. And thus, THE PARAMEDIC was formed.

With an unbridled fury of sound that does nothing short of make you want to get on your feet and move, THE PARAMEDIC is ready for nothing less than world domination.

Michael Luciano – Vocals
Jake Nolan – Guitarist
Alex Asch – Guitarist
Ryan Meyers – Bassist
Kevin Vincent – Drummer

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