Echoes Of Eternity Reveal Upcoming Album Details, Track Listing

Guitarist / songwriter Brandon S. Patton checks in from Los Angeles about ECHOES OF ETERNITY’s sophomore album:

“Working with Logan Mader on As Shadows Burn was amazing. We had a lot of respect for him from the start, given his experience as a professional guitarist with Machine Head in the ‘90s and the great work he’s done as a mixer and producer in recent years, the most recent Gojira album being a prime example.  The difference between our debut album and this second album is night and day! On the first album, the mix was really uneven and the vocals had WAY too much effects on them. On As Shadows Burn, we captured a much more natural feel as a band. It doesn’t sound so fucking processed and stiff. The guitars and drumming are way more aggressive and the band is smokin’, with the whole album being slam-packed with killer riffs. The production and mix is a million times better. And Francine [Boucher] delivers an AMAZING vocal performance that is going to make people wake the fuck up. Even if you’ve made up your mind that you hate female-fronted metal, you are probably going to dig this record because first and foremost, its a KILLER metal record.

The title of the album actually came from a line in the chorus of the song ‘Veiled Horizon.’ It was short and evoked strong imagery in our mind. We thought that title would lead to a really cool album cover if we worked with the right artist. And it did. [Brazilian artist] Gustavo Sazes (Old Man’s Child, Firewind, God Forbid) really nailed it!

We would love to take this bad boy on the road in 2010. It would be a damned shame if we didn’t because we designed this record to fucking kick ass live! We missed a great chance to do a tour at the beginning of next year, so we are hanging tight for the right tour offer so we can get out on the road.”

North American release date for As Shadows Burn is September 22nd.  The track listing is as follows:

01.  Ten Of Swords
02.  A Veiled Horizon
03.  Memories Of Blood And Gold
04.  The Scarlet Embrace
05.  Descent Of A Blackened Soul
06.  Twilight Fires
07.  Buried Beneath A Thousand Dreams
08.  Letalis Deus
09.  Funeral In The Sky

(this is a pic of Echoes of Eternity vocalist Francine Boucher)


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