TURBOCHARGED Premieres “Golgatha 33 A.D.”

The Metal Observer is now streaming an exclusive premier of “Golgotha 33 A.D.” from the upcoming TURBOCHARGED disc, AntiXtian. Visit this location and get your eardrums pummeled by this vehement and blasphemous blend of Swedish punk and thrash.  

The official CD version of the full length debut from Swedish dirty rockers TURBOCHARGED will be released on June 10th, 2011 through Chaos Records. AntiXtian features over 40 minutes of the band’s unique blend of thrash / groove and punk metal with vehement anti-christian themes.  

This release will be packaged as a jewel case CD with exclusive artwork and a 16-page booklet. The CD was produced in the band’s home studio and mastered at Leon Music Studios by Rikard “Captain Cannibal” Löfgren (VOMITORY, DEATHSTARS, ENFORCER). The album cover and layout for the disc was created by the band’s bassist/vocalist, Ronnie Ripper.


1. The uprising (intro)

2. AntiXtian

3. Ghetto of Eden

4. Lionbait

5. Nekronobodies

6. Globalize the blasphemy

7. The paradise they lost

8. Golgotha 33 A.D.

9. Species of Jesus

10. Wake up and smell the Christian

11. Blasphemachine

12. Horns forever raised

13. The new Sodom

Ronnie Ripper – Bass/Lead Vox
Freddie Fister – Drums/Vox
Old Nick – Guitars/Vox   

-Branded Forver (demo) 2008
-Arrogantus Metallus (demo) 2009
-AntiXtian (LP) 2010   


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