DOMINANZ Reveals Track Listing & Artwork off New Album “AS I SHINE” Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

DOMINANZ will be releasing their new album, “As I Shine“, in Europe on August 19 via Industrial Silence Production and ROCK N GROWL DISTRO/Cargo Records. The CD was recorded and mixed at Conclave Studio by Bjørnar E. Nilsen and Roy N. Mathisen and mastered at Earshot Studio by Herbrand Larsen.


1.  Infinity

2.  Agony and Domination

3.  As I Shine

4.  Eternal Sin

5.  Abusos

6.  The Philanthropic

7.  Last Day of Your Life

8.  Man on Top

9.  From Skin to Heart

10. The End of All There Is

Check out the new video “The End of All There Is


Roy – Vocals, Bass, Guitar and Synth (ex Taake and Ofryskje)

Jørn – Guitar (Hades Almighty, ex Immortal and Old Funeral)

Frode – Drums (ex Thy Grief)

According to their press release As I Shine is the perfect blend of atmospheric black metal and engaging industrialized beats. There is also a dose of gothic, but the listeners will probably notice that Dominanz got their roots from the Old Norwegian black metal scene. The lyric deals with everything from depictions of erotic oppression, slavery and ways to dominate fellow man. The main theme is on the bleak and destructive and living on the edge between life and death.

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