Benedictum’s VERONICA FREEMAN Comments on the Songs of “Dominion”

Heavy Metal Warrior and powerhouse vocalist Veronica Freeman of BENEDICTUM offers her thoughts on each of the songs from the band’s masterpiece release, Dominion (Frontiers). Read on to get the inside scoop on these stunning anthems.

Dominion – “This song was a vehicle for a lot of our aggression and started out a little bit of a departure for us. It was the first song that we did with [producer]Ryan Greene and we had completed it in its entirety and then started the rest of the album. I guess it reflects that undying spirit, the will to not only survive, but overcome and conquer.”

At the Gates – “Truly a collaboration of the members of Benedictum.  Do you ever have those thoughts about what exactly does happen when it’s all over?  If we are truly held accountable for our actions where will we stand on Judgment Day? At the Gates.”

The Seer – “I wrote the lyrics for this song so many years ago and was glad to be able to dust it off again and have Pete [Wells] give it new life and direction. Within us all, the key to wisdom, the voice that calls… will you answer?”

Grind It – “Short and maybe not so sweet, but basically just wanted to get it out there how much it sucks to be lied to and stabbed in the back by someone you trust. Oh, I guess that is the music biz [laughs].”

Prodigal Son – “Seems sad to see so many people lost out there, not really having any balance of right or wrong, taking and never giving. Like a storm of destruction surrounds their lives… but there is forgiveness and enlightenment if you seek it out.  Your destiny is not set in stone. ‘Prodigal Son’ is about just that.”

The Shadowlands –  “This song really has that ‘Benedictum vibe’ to me. As one that suffers from a lot of self doubt and depression this song reflects that battle in the soul, the mind, body… waging war, conflicting thoughts and that desire to continue to seek peace within the borders of your own self.  Pete Wells’ solo on this song is truly transcendental.”

Beautiful Pain – “Instrumental… just feel it.”

Dark Heart – “Trying to assuage that feeling of guilt when you want something you know you shouldn’t have,(not that this has ever happened to me, I am just saying) but there is that struggle between the lust that  consumes you and fighting off the vestige of ‘Catholic guilt’ if you will.”

Bang – “We really wanted a song that embodied that defiance, a rise up against oppressiveness of having to ‘fit in.’ I call it my ‘non Prom song’ for those of us who didn’t make the cut… or even those who did, but were totally misunderstood. It’s time to rise and not let them define us! Fists up in the air… the horns now if you DARE! Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Whitesnake) loaned us his talent on this track. Thanks!”

Loud Silence – “I guess it is by some to be considered the odd ball song on the album, but we really believed in it. I find a lot of my women friends reading more and more into the meaning of it and that is always a good thing. Sometimes it really is that which you don’t say that speaks volumes.”

Epsilon – “The very last song to be completed. Reflecting the need for spiritual connection ‘Epsilon’ leans a bit over to our progressive side with amazing solos by Pete Wells and Craig Goldy (Dio, Whitesnake).”

Sanctuary – “After all the tears and hopelessness there comes a time when you got to make a decision whether you can do it on your own or just consider the thought that maybe a power greater than yourself can make the changes you up to this time have not been able to affect.  A great chance to work with Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio) again and watch him work his magic.

2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx – “Ryan made us do it! This was a real challenge and we hope we did some justice to it. We had a blast paying tribute to one of our favorite bands.”

Crank it up and become a Victim of Benedictum!

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