TOMB “Path of Totality” & LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Eterno Treblinka” In Stores Today!

In Stores Today!!

TOMBS – ‘Path of Totality’

TOMBS tap into the infinite well of emotion and expression on their astounding new full-length Path of Totality. Recorded by John Congleton (Baroness, Explosions in the Sky), Path of Totality is a massive step forward in songwriting and scope for the trio. Path of Totality finds TOMBS achieving what their previous recordings had always hinted at – an ultimately heavy and nuanced fusion of their disparate influences. “Bloodletters” and “Constellations” see the band flex its prodigious muscle; “Vermillion” and “Cold Dark Eyes” wrap arms of blackened misery around the listener, while the profound sadness of “Silent World” and “Passageways” further explores the trio’s UK post-punk influences. With Path of Totality, TOMBS has come into their own as one of the finest heavy bands in the world.

Path of Totality is in stores everywhere today, Tuesday, June 7th. Pick up your copy today or order online now at and get a FREE copy of Winter Hours!


LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER – ‘Eterno Treblinka’

Brand new full length from LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, and their first for Relapse Records. Killer Spanish grind in the old school vein full of pissed-off riffs. Amazing artwork! Eterno Treblinka is a true testament to what grindcore should be. For Fans of Napalm Death, Terrorizer, and Brutal Truth.

Eterno Treblinka is available everywhere starting today, Tuesday, June 7th. Pick up your copy today or order now at!

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